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Multiples + Exotics Betting - Part 2



As you would expect, it’s the same process as described for the Double bet which is used to calculate the winnings from a Treble, but adding a third Team into the equation...


Team A: 2/1

Team B: 3/1

Team C: 4/1


To a £10 stake, when Team A wins we have £30 going on to Team B. When Team B wins at 3/1 we have £120 going on to Team C at 4/1.


Should Team C win, the return therefore is £120 x 4/1, i.e. £600 (£590 profit when the original £10 stake is deducted).


Not bad for a day’s work if you can make it work.



A Trixie is slightly different from the above. It consists of three selections, like the treble, but it consists offour actual bets: three doubles and a treble.


So if we take Team A, Team B and Team C and put them in a Trixie, we have the following bets:


Team A + Team B Double.

Team A + Team C Double.

Team B + Team C Double.

Team A + Team B + Team C Treble.


The key thing here is that with this type of bet, there actually four separate bets that make up the Trixie, meaning that your stake is quadrupled. So a £10 Trixie actually involves an initial outlay of £40, i.e. £10 on each of the three doubles plus £10 on the treble.


It is also important to note that you need at least TWO winners to gain any return at all.


To work out the returns from a successful Trixie, you simply go through the process outlined above for each of the winning double bets and treble if all three selections win.


If maths isn’t your strong point – and mine sure isn’t - then you can find many extremely easy to use bet calculators by searching on Google – simply throw in to Google  ‘Free Bet Calculator’, then you simply enter your stake and the odds of each selection and your winnings can be worked out in an instant.



Yankees work in exactly the same way as Trixies, except that you have added a fourth selection in to the mix (Team D).


So you would have 11 bets in total ( X Doubles, Y Trebles and 1 Accumulator (four fold)


We’ll be back to look at some of the different strategies we can apply to move the dial in our favour for exotic betting.


All the best.


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